Cornet player wanted – must meet certain criteria…

Old Hall Brass are looking for a First Class cornet player………?

not one of those 2nd class players – who take two days to arrive.

Top Class maybe? – Like the top set at Maths at school – nope, that doesn’t work either?

How about – a Nice Cornet Player? a nice player who plays cornet? Maybe a nice player who’s not that good (we have a vacancy for 3rd too)

I’ll be more specific – Old Hall are looking for a cornet person to sit on the front row, to play well and try hard. Must have a good sense of humour and be happy to come last at any contest adjudicated by Derek Broadbent!

We rehearse at Appley Bridge, near Wigan, and initially we’ll give the impression we’re friendly and welcoming. (However, once you’ve signed things will change).

Why not get in touch via our contact page, and LET’S MAKE OLD HALL GREAT AGAIN! j